Fire TV Recast, over-the-air DVR, 500 GB, 75 hours, DVR for cord cutters

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Fire TV Recast is a DVR that lets you watch and record over-the-air TV at home with Fire TV or Echo Show, or on-the-go with a compatible mobile device—with no monthly fees.

Enjoy live sports, local news, late night shows, and other can’t miss TV from channels available through an HD antenna (sold separately).

Record up to 2 shows at once. Plus, store up to 75 hours of HD programming.

With a compatible Alexa-enabled device, use your voice to search for shows, control the channel guide, and manage recordings.

Enjoy your favorite entertainment anywhere—reliably stream your live and recorded shows in HD from Fire TV Recast to your compatible devices.

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  • Fire TV Recast is a DVR that lets you watch and record over-the-air TV at home with Fire TV or Echo Show, or on-the-go with a compatible mobile device—with no monthly fees.

  • Enjoy live sports, local news, late night shows, and other can’t miss TV from channels available through an HD antenna (sold separately).

  • Record up to 2 shows at once. Plus, store up to 75 hours of HD programming.

  • With a compatible Alexa-enabled device, use your voice to search for shows, control the channel guide, and manage recordings.

  • Enjoy your favorite entertainment anywhere—reliably stream your live and recorded shows in HD from Fire TV Recast to your compatible devices.

10 reviews for Fire TV Recast, over-the-air DVR, 500 GB, 75 hours, DVR for cord cutters

  1. Ryan

    First off, my current home A/V setup:Channel Master CM-4228HD antenna hardwired from attic to smart panelHard wired home network (Cat5e/Cat6) with ATT GigaFiber InternetFireTV 2nd gen (two separate rooms)Coax wired throughout the home, but centralized to a smart panel in stairwell closet (along with my network & audio)Amazon Alexa devices in the homeAmazon Fire Tablet devices in the homeAmazon Prime memberNetflix subscriptionYears ago I was a TiVo Roamio user, but paying $15/mo. for a UI and DVR capability for OTA channels didn’t have staying power for my idealism and wallet. I went without cable for awhile, then upgraded to AT&T GigaFiber internet, which was offered in my area. As part of the deal, I signed on for DirecTVNOW and have been a customer for about 1.5 years. Basically I’m at the point now where I’m tired of paying for content that I don’t watch or use. Enter the FireTV Recast! Simple setup, seamless integration with FireTV and Alexa, and 1TB of recorded storage with presumably room to grow. Sure, I still pay for content here and there (movies, etc.) but between OTA offerings, Netflix, etc. I am still saving money. The Recast will pay for itself in just a few months compared to monthly fees with DirecTVNOW. And while I don’t get sports channels outside of OTA offerings, I’m confident that with Amazon’s recent news RE: bidding on content rights, I’m fully convinced this will be the future of TV for me in my house hold (i.e. a-la-carte, pay for what I want TV).UPDATE:Was having issues picking up some OTA channels… swapped out my Channel Master Coax amplified splitter and now my OTA antenna picked up 120 channels!Also did some testing with streaming on my FireTV box (2nd gen) vs. my Fire Tablet 8. Minimal to no lag.The DVR recording menu is fantastic. What sets this apart are the Alexa controls. Works flawlessly.Absolutely loving this device! Now if it were to only come in a smaller form factor!

  2. Amazon Customer

    I pre ordered this a couple weeks before the release and it arrived the day of the release. Points there for reliable shipment, for the option to make payments, and for crediting early buyers when they put it on sale.Having read through the other reviews allow me to clarify a few things that other reviewers are having issues with. First off this is really a top notch product that works well right out of the box. In sure there is a built in preamp for the tuners and it’s obviously of extremely high quality. I’m picking up all of the channels that my old hdhomerun could get plus wpxi out of Pittsburg, which is over 70 miles away. Mote importantly to me, many of the channels I am getting are just plain more reliable with this box than any other setup that I’ve tried. Streaming is extremely reliable and I’ve had zero buffering even when both kids are home and making heavy use of the network.Let’s talk interface for a minute. One reviewer mentioned that adding a channel to favorites did nothing except add a star next to it. This is not true. Any channels that you have favorited show up in their own section at the top of the channel guide. I’m currently using this to filter things out a bit as I have multiple options for CBS, NBC, ABC etc and added the one with the most reliable signal for each network to my favorites.A couple other reviewers said that when you set a timer to record a series it will record all of the old episodes and doesn’t have an option to record only the new episodes. This is also not exactly true, although the interface could use a little work here. When you select a show to record it will pop up a dialog asking if you want to record this episode or the entire series. It’s true that it will by default record all episodes including any old ones in syndication. However, if you click the hamburger button again it pulls up the recording options screen where you can set it to record only new episodes, along with other options such a setting a buffer time before and after the recording in case the program begins early or ends late. This screen can also be found in the dvr tan under recording options.What I would like to see, however, is a way to set the options I mentioned above globally. If that functionality is there I haven’t found it yet. Instead I have had to go in and set options for every series I set to record, which is a little annoying.Many people have mentioned that they are disappointed that playback is limited to 720p. I’m a little bit disappointed on this point as well, especially since there it’s literally nothing in the product description mentioning this limitation. I considered taking off a star just for this. However, I’m convinced that this was a conscious design choiceby Amazon. They advertise that this box has the most reliable streaming over Wi-Fi of any OTA dvr and I’m convinced that this claim is entirely valid. My old setup used an hdhomerun tuner connected in the attic via a powerline adaptor, mythtv on my computer and kodi as a front-end. It was notoriously unreliable and not very easy to use by my girlfriend or the kids. 1080p channels would quickly saturate the network and as soon as a second recording tried to start it would fail. Playback of recordings involved buffering from time to time as well. In comparison this box has been 100% reliable in both recording and playback so far. So I understand the design choices Amazon made and tend to agree with them. Also, the picture quality is really very, very good and if I hadn’t read about the resolution limit I wouldn’t have known to look for it.Continuing with the interface now. This is really very well integrated with the fire tv interface. I like that there isn’t a separate apo to open. I have Pluto TV and a few of those channels now show up with my OTA channels now, too (pretty much all of the news channels). I would love it if the rest would be available here as well. My understanding is that PS Vue integrates here as well which I’m sure it’s nice forthose using that service. Myself, I’m using Philo and still have to open the Philo app to access my cable channels. I’m hoping that they will get on the bandwagon here. I actually switched from Android TV to the fire sticks because of Philo, and was hesitant to do so because Android’s live channels app was at that time something that I loved but that Amazon had no answer for. Well, if they can get a few more of the streaming services to integrate here it will be what the Live Channels app on Android TV promised but never delivered. So to make a long story short, while the recast is perfectly functional right out of the box I have a lot of hope that the changes Amazon made to accommodate it can open up an even more seamless experience in the future.I think that a lot of the other reviewers were being unfair to this box. It’s actually quite excellent and I’ve never seen a better rollout of a completely new electronics platform. The negatives that several people mentioned are in some cases things they could have solved by clicking around with their remote for a few seconds more. Amazon could polish the interface a little more, and I’m sure they will, but it’s already usable now if you spend a minute to figure things out.In short I highly recommend the Recast. It solved all of the problems I had with ota tv in our house.Edit: a recent update added some functionality that I had been missing. When you choose to record a series it now asks if you want to record on that specific channel or on any available channel. This is important and I wish that it had been integrated right from the beginning.To illustrate the importance of this feature, my attic mounted antenna picks up three different NBC affiliates. The strongest one is out of Youngstown, while I also pick up a weaker signal from Cleveland (the antenna is pointed at Youngstown) and a third, very unreliable channel out of Steubenville. I’ve had plump out a very small number of recordings ever fail, but when they did it was because the box tried to record one odd the weaker stations. This new setting prevents that happening.My only wish now is that the new setting would integrate with the recording options menu. As of right now it is only available in a pop up right after you select a series to record. As such I went in and deleted all of my scheduled recordings and then re-entered them to make sure that the box knows my preference for which station to use, which was a fairly tedious process.

  3. Great-Grandpa

    BE INFORMED –Before purchasing the Fire TV Recast, it will make your “cord cutting” experience more enjoyable, less frustrating.My review focuses on making this transition experience a success story for you as it is for me. There are many reviews pointing out the technical aspects of the Recast, read them until you are confident you have sufficient understanding, it is important to do this..Here are some of the pre-purchase steps I took that made my Recast experience a success. My first focus was discerning my remoteness from OTA (over the air) TV signal. The closest network TV ‘cluster’ towers is 55 miles away, and I would not go forward cutting the cable without having access to the networks. An outdoor antenna aimed directly toward the desired network towers provided the needed signals. I monitored the network stations for nearly two months, gaining confidence in having adequate signals before moving forward in this process. I then invested in the purchase of the Fire TV Recast 4 tuner model. I programed it to record the exact program-series we were recording on our existing cable service and monitored them for more than a month before considering the actual switchover. During that month time, the Fire TV Recast worked flawlessly. It was time to make the cut, not something easy for this 76-year-old to do; to move away from the proven but expensive service. I did the cut. All is well, Amazon Firesticks and the Recast provide the TV service we hoped it would. Remember this is new technology, it will appear similar to your existing cable or satellite TV service, but not exactly, there are some differences, anticipate that.BOTTOM LINE – (my ratings)The Amazon Fire TV Recast – Five Stars! The Recast is solid, stable, it does exactly what is stated by the manufacturer.Amazon Recast Support – Five Stars! At one point I needed a little help and found there is support team. They are superb, a model of how good a support team can be. A special ‘thank you’ to Jarred L. for your personal, prompt, professional oversight. Your efforts in my behalf were the icing on the cake that brought my cord-cutting project to successful fruition, thanks Jarred.

  4. Kindle User SJ

    ‪I cut the cords and cancelled my cable tv in February 2020. No looking back and happy with streaming options.Purchased the Recast for the DVR options‬ and ability to view OTA across all of my TVs (using Fire Sticks) without having to run multiple connection points.‪Unfortunately, my quest for free OTA channels has been riddled with poor and nonexistent signals until today/Sept 2020. ‬Five indoor antennas later, I finally gave up the ghost and sought out attic or roof top installation options.At first I blamed the Recast, but with the help of an antenna signal reader I realized my townhouse and nearby obstruction were blocking the OTA channel signals from reaching my antenna.‪Originally, my property management company told me that HOA governances documents prohibited outdoor/roof antenna installation. WRONG! ‬‪From cord cutter bloggers, I became aware of federal protections under the OTARD (Over-the-Air Reception Devices) law that essentially voided my HOA’s ruling and allowed me to move forward with antenna room with no application process or a lengthy wait.Antenna installation was a resounding success. Excellent signals and now I get all the major networks plus a host of other channels crystals clear and best of all FREE. Dish installer was very helpful and retrofitted my unused Direct TV satellite at the back of the house and utilized my current indoor connection to complete the installation.My Final Equipment List-Pro Amplified HD Antenna with Roof Installation by AirTV/DISH. Approx $160 including tax.-Fire TV Recast | 1 TB DVR-Fire TV Stick 4-Preferred Streaming Services (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney)-High Speed Internet Service

  5. P. Stokes

    I set-up the device as soon as I got it. Setup is easy, Plug in the unit and connect the antenna. Once you do that you only have to use your fire-tv to connect and setup the device. I have 2 separate Amazon accounts and all your units have to be on the same account to work properly.I scanned for channels and only got 4 to view due to my location and the indoor antenna I had. I later installed an outdoor HD Antenna and connected it to my legacy cable wires. I connected the Recast to that cable source and now I am enjoying 40 channels!I have Fire TV’s in every room of the house and I am able to watch over the air Live HD TV on all of them. I can even use my cell phone to watch Live HD TV provided by my Amazon Recast anywhere! I can watch Judge Judy live during my lunch break at work using my Cell Phone! I can also watch anything recorder on the DVR remotely on my cell phone or tablet!This unit has me ready to cut the cable!

  6. Drew M.

    Absolutely the best OTA DVR I have used. I’ve used TiVo which did not seem to broadcast in Dolby. Used Tablo both the original and the Tablo Lite. The Tablo light was a huge mess. The first one I recieved had a dead WiFi board, The Replacement had difficulty maintaining a Wi-Fi connection in an excellent WiFi Zone. I submitted a trouble ticket to Tablo support who asked me well can you just hardwire it and not use Wi-Fi. Ridiculous customer service. Moving on to the recast. It is everything I would want in a DVR the menus are easy to navigate the free guide is complete. Setup was easy without any problems. Channel changing is very quick as compared to the Tablo unit and now I use the recast DVR App as my primary television watching app and don’t switch back to TV just to watch and change channels which I had to do with Tablo since they were so slow to change and update.I have not experienced any ” new release glitches” and am 100% satisfied with this purchase.

  7. jmikes

    Very nice product. It was the last piece in my cord cutting. At my house we use the Firesticks for Directv Now and our locals aren’t included like some major cities so we still use our antenna. Having to switch inputs back and forth is a true first world problem. Using a Recast allows all your entertainment needs to be in one place using a Firestick. The instructions in the box are to the point and accurate. Set up is very simple. Once hooked up it will automatically search for channels. Once it does you can now watch live local tv on any Firestick in the house. Via the Fire TV Ap you can watch your local stations on your cell phone. Judge Judy on the way home, perfect. You can also record to the DVR to watch later. There is also a guide with channel listings for several days if not a week or two. Overall the useablility is very forward and easy enough to use. At the time I saw this device I was pricing my own DVR for local TV. You can buy a tuner box and add a hard drive for a few dollars cheaper than the Recast. Having unit integrated into the Firestick though is clutch and very much worth the extra few dollars. If you’re reading this you’re interested in getting one. It’s pretty neat. Get one. I got mine Cyber Monday for $180. I’d wait until you see a sale on these though.

  8. Erol Esen

    Network channels still rule TV with great shows, and one needs a DVR to record them. With 1 TB and 150 hours of recording capacity Fire TV Recast lets me record as much as I want–as opposed to seeing something like ‘you have 35% space left’ after having something like 15 shows–Now at least 150, a whole order of magnitude more. That’s qualitative improvement. On top of that, this device comes with FOUR tuners. This means I can record four shows at the same time–some reviews suggest this is not true, I just tested it and you can record four different channels at the same time. For fast forwarding, you can jump 30 seconds, OR press and hold the fast-forward to see what you’re fast forwarding, and press it again to move even faster.This is an amazing product from Amazon, and I highly recommend it.After easily installing the Fire TV Recast, a simple DVR menu option now appears in my Amazon TV home screen. Clicking on that lets me select whatever channel and asks me if I want to record this episode or the entire series.

  9. J. Anderson

    If you want to have trouble free performance with Recast, ethernet hard wire both the fire stick and Recast. Amazon sells a hard wire ethernet convertor for the fire stick generation 2 and above, and I use a power line device with a switch for getting hard wire internet to both the Recast and fire stick by using the electricity wiring in my house.. Flawless performance, no buffering or picture degrading. This is the only way for guaranteed hassle free performance.

  10. MUSI808

    Due to locast closing, we decided to invest in a system that would serve us for years to come. It’s more important now than ever to have access to the news in times of need. Everything works perfectly, the antenna is in the garage attic… we just took the cable line from where Verizon cable came into the house and hooked the box up on one of the wall cable outlets. I used a little amplifier to get a more perfect signal, but it did work without one. I have a ge 70 mile antenna from Walmart, and I get over 100 channels in the suburbs of Philadelphia. We can watch the news on our phones from anywhere with this device, a perk I wasn’t expecting. The recording feature is neat, and it works perfectly with the fire sticks in the house. It took about an hour after first setting it up for it to work, I’m not sure if it needed to update itself. Overall it took me about 6 hours to test and set everything up, go to the store to get the antenna. It beats paying Hulu $65 or whatever the price is for live tv… if you don’t like tinkering, that may be a better option for you idk.

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